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Pawnbroking is the simple form of credit offering a safe & efficient way of obtaining cash from your valuable items


We provide fast cash loans against your luxury watch including brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Breitling to name but a few


The Hopkins & Jones pawnshops in William IV Street is within a few minutes walking distance of Charing Cross Mainline and Underground stations


Our expert valuers are able to assess your jewellery as jewellery, not just weights and measures…

Our services

Expert advice and comprehensive restoration


With our short-term loans you could have cash in hand of up to £10,000 within an hour!


Our expert valuers are able to assess your jewellery for what it is, not just weights and measures.


We offer expert advice and offer clients a comprehensive repair and restoration service for all types jewellery


  • I was a little hesitant before coming in, but you have put my mind at rest and have explained everything simply, thanks.
    Dr A. Nomouse New Client
  • Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one.
    Anny Moss Regular Client
  • I didn't realise that the transaction would be that easy.    

    Anonymous New Customer


Hopkins & Jones

London is one of the most vibrant commercial hubs in the world, with money freely flowing through the Capital’s Square Mile. Home to some of the biggest global companies, London is one of the richest cities on the planet.

Reflected in the property prices, keeping up with the demands of modern life doesn’t always go to plan. While the wealth is in place, it can often be tied up in bonds or funds that are not quickly accessible.

At Hopkins & Jones, central London pawnbrokers, we can help you access wealth that can be found in your high value items, such as luxury watches and diamond jewellery. With decades of experience in valuing high end items, we will offer you a secured loan against your item so that you can get hold of cash when you need it, without having to free up any of your long-term investments.

Based in the heart of London, just off Trafalgar Square, Hopkins & Jones work with clients from all over the south east to help them ease short term cash flow by helping them make the most of high value assets quickly and discreetly.

As with a traditional bank manager, clients can set appointments to meet with one of our specialist valuers, who will spend time to understand your needs and work through the secured fixed loan lending process. The item of value, known as a Pledge, is used as security against a loan and can be exchanged for a same day loan.

In addition to our specialist valuers, Hopkins & Jones understand that clients need a confidential service with instant access to cash. That’s why we do not undertake credit checks and keep paperwork to a minimum. You’ll also still retain ownership of your high value items, which you can retrieve at the end of the loan agreement period, upon repayment of the loan.

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and members of the National Pawnbrokers Association, the Hopkins & Jones team are consummate professionals with a wealth of experience in valuing high end items. While Hopkins & Jones will consider larger high value items, such as classic cars, artworks and antiques, the team specialise in jewellery and watches.

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